Spark Commodities is a trade company engaged in the supply of agricultural commodities across the MENA region. The nature of the company business entails commodities trading like Soya bean, Yellow Corn, Soya Bean Meal, CGM, DDGS. Grains, Poultry and Animal Nutrition products are imported from Argentina, The United States, Brazil, Ukraine, Russia, Paraguay and Uruguay.

Spark Commodities, one of the largest importers of grains and a market leader in the agri-commodity field, owns Cairo 3 A International Industries (CII), a vertically integrated group of companies.

The group primarily engaged in providing services for the trading of agricultural commodities mainly focusing on corn, soya bean, soya bean meal and their by-products as well as providing the necessary logistical support for its clients including, stevedoring, warehousing and transportation.

Cairo 3A owns six prestigious subsidiaries, each recognized as trusted and dedicated partners to their clients and customers.

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