Our Products

The Group sources millions of tons of Corn, Soya Bean, Soya Bean Meal, Wheat and their by-products. on an annual basis.

Spark Commodities has a long lease warehouse agreement with the port of RAK. Spark supplies markets in Egypt and Lebanon.

Spark Commodities is engaged in providing services for the trading of agricultural commodities mainly focusing on Corn, Soya, Soya Bean Meal, Wheat and their by-products.

The Group is considered a premium seller of agricultural commodities as it does not take any positions on the commodities exchange and is only engaged in sourcing commodities for its clients and charges a premium for its service.

The Group takes the Port of Damietta as a base for all its dry bulk operations in Egypt.

Egypt’s household consumption of food continues to grow at double digit figures and we believe the trend will continue given the low per capita consumption levels relative to peers.

Household consumption, 2/3 of which is spent on food, has been increasing at a rapid pace since 2008, both in absolute terms and relative to GDP per capita.